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What is the real size (m2) of a flat/villa in Spain?

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What is the real size (m2) of a flat/villa in Spain?

Andrew McNamara

When you see a property advertised for sale in Spain its more than likely that the Size of the villa or flat or plot is listed as being larger than it really is. This is due to the use of both built area (superficie construida) and Usable (or carpet) area (superficie util)

Built area is used:

  • For calculating estimated costs for new builds 
  • By the land registry department 
  • In property deeds
  • For mortgage valuations
  • For council taxes and permit fees
  • For Advertising properties for sale. 
  • For planning permission and regulations
  • In Architectural Projects and plans along with usable area

Usable area is used:

  • In Architects plans along with built area in advertising properties for sale or rent. It is sometimes specified as such but most property ads feature the built area as it is larger than the real usable area. 

How is Built area calculated?

Built area means the total area of the property within the walls a property including terraces, garages, balconies and stairwells except for indoor open patios. Open areas such as terraces, balconies and other covered areas are calculated at 50% except for areas that are covered on three sides which are calculated at 100%. In residential use areas lower than 150cm are not considered to be “built area”  Flats:  Common areas in blocks of flats such as stair wells, lift areas, passageways etc are divided up equally between flats and added to each.  Indoor patios and light wells are not calculated.  

Floor plans, Design Proposals and Projects

As we have seen built area is used for all official purposes but it is important that we know the real usable area as this is the space we need to live in. repair or renovate or furnish. A simple floor plan, Design proposal or Design Project (for new builds)  solves this issue as both measurements are included. offered this service along with Home Condition Reports (for existing properties) and Land Reports (for those buying plots of land with a view to building)